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Adaptive Services - 2008
Adaptable Activity

Who are we?

We are a committee made up of volunteer students with a faculty advisor to help direct and supervise.

What do we do?

We are here as a service to the student body. We are particularly focused on helping students at BYU-Idaho with disabilities. We are here to assist in making any of the activities on campus accessible to those with any sort of disability (from a fear of heights to those who use a wheelchair).

How can you use the services provided?

Contact Nicki Warnick (faculty advisor)

How do I get involved?

Contact Nicki Warnick (faculty advisor)

Who can be on the committee?


Mission Statement

Adaptive Services empowers students with disabilities at Brigham Young University-Idaho to participate in a wider range of the activities offered through the Activities Program.


  • 1. Increase disability awareness on BYU-Idaho Campus
    • 1.1- Provide educational opportunities for students to learn about disabilities (i.e. disability week)
    • 1.2- Create a venue in which BYU-Idaho students with disabilities have the opportunity to teach other students about disabilities.
    • 1.3- Recruit students with disabilities to attend events provided by the Activities Program
  • 2. Build a database of students with disabilities who are interested in participating in activities provided by the Activities Program at BYU-Idaho.
    • 2.1- Advertise the availability of Adaptive Services in relation to the Activities program through venues such as the disabilities office, email, Facebook, survey, Activities events.
    • 2.2- Encourage the Adaptive Services committee to find students with disabilities and offer services to them.
  • 3. Adapt activities to the needs of students as determined by safety, cost, and resources available.
    • 3.1- Provide a disclosure with which participants can provide necessary information.
  • 4. Provide disability awareness and adaptive training to student leaders in the Activities Program at BYU-Idaho.
    • 4.1- Schedule regular trainings to directors and to each of their specific areas.
    • 4.2- Encourage recruitment of students with disabilities to each area's specific programs for experiential learning.
  • 5. Provide a variety of activities and programming that will serve the needs of students with disabilities to gather, meet new people, develop skills, and serve in leadership capacities.
    • 5.1- Recruit students with disabilities to be on the Adaptive Services committee.
  • 6. Reduce barriers to participation by improving communication and advertisement of events and to allow students to submit a request for special assistance, if needed.


Student participation

In order to help empower students with disabilities at Brigham Young University- Idaho, Adaptive Services connects students with resources necessary to participate in the activities of their choice within the Six Areas of Activities; Sports, Fitness, Outdoor, Talent, Social and Service.



Leadership Opportunities - Get Involved

With no previous experience or special skills necessary, students may volunteer to assist with programs and events. Students with disabilities are particularly welcome to serve in leadership positions as an opportunity to share insights and training important to the strength and vitality of the program.