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Good training will help you enjoy this race and prevent injury. If you need help in setting up a training program, please contact a BYU-Idaho fitness consultant.

Day of Race Check-In

Teams check-in at the Start Check-in Table in the parking lot of the church immediately west of the Rexburg Temple 30 minutes or more prior to their team's assigned starting time. When they check-in, teams receive team t-shirts for each runner, runner labels, and a slap wristband. Team members are encouraged to wear their team t-shirts for pictures at both temples and while running in the relay. Runner labels must be worn on the front of the runner's shirt so as to be visible from the front. The slap wristband is to be handed off from one runner to the next at exchange zones.

Team Pictures at Temples

After checking in at the Start Check-in Table, teams should report to the Team Picture Area just east of the Check-in area. A photographer will take a team picture with the Temple in the background. Teams should plan on being at the Team Picture Area no later than 15 minutes prior to their assigned starting time. You are encouraged to wear your team t-shirts for the pictures.

Immediately after finishing the race, teams should report to the Team Picture Area on the east side of the Idaho Falls Temple near the main entrance gate. A photographer will take a team picture with the Temple in the background. Digital images of team pictures will be available to access online the week following the Relay.

Race Day Dress

BYU-Idaho Dress and Grooming Standards apply with the exception that modest length shorts are appropriate. Shirts must be worn by all runners. Runners are encouraged to wear the Relay t-shirt. This year t-shirts will be made of moisture management material.

Reporting to the Starting Line

Each team's first runner should report to the starting line five minutes prior to the team's assigned starting time. This runner must have the team number pinned to the front of his or her shirt and be wearing the team's slap wristband on his or her wrist. This runner must be lined up behind the starting line one minute prior to the scheduled start time and may begin running when the Relay Announcer so directs. Runners follow along the race route as directed by race volunteers and course markings.

Exchange Zones

Exchange zones are designated locations along the course marking the finish of one runner's leg and the beginning of another's. Two cones mark where they hand-off should occur. The team member finishing her leg must hand-off and the team member beginning his leg must receive their team's slap wristband within 10 yards either side of the cones. Switching of runners at any location other than at the designated exchange zones is not permitted. Runners must run along the left-hand shoulder of the road (facing traffic), unless otherwise instructed by race officials. Support vehicles may not park or stop along the left (runners') side of the road anywhere along the course or on the road within 100 yards of the exchange zone areas.

Exchange Zone Parking Areas

At each exchange zone there is a parking lot area. At each exchange zone parking area there will be restroom or portable toilet facilities, water, and energy replacement fluids available for Relay runners. Please deposit cups and garbage in garbage bags and keep these areas as clean as you found them. We are guests at these facilities and would like to be welcome to use them again in the future. Volunteer race officials will oversee movement into and out of these areas. Here are the locations of each exchange zone parking area (EZPA) and the start and finish parking areas:

  • Start
    Stake Center next to Rexburg Temple
    68 E 7th S, Rexburg

  • EZPA #1:
    Valley-Wide Co-Op
    Main Street and 12th W, Rexburg

  • EZPA #2:
    BYU-Idaho Livestock Center
    Highway 33 west of Rexburg

  • EZPA #3:
    Menan Butte Trail Rest Area
    West Side of Menan Butte

  • EZPA #4:
    Menan Chapel
    3547 E Menan-Lorenzo Hwy, Menan

  • EZPA #5:
    House on corner
    2nd N and 15th E (St. Leon Rd), Rigby

  • EZPA #6:
    St. Leon Chapel
    6925 N 15th E (St. Leon Rd.), IF

  • EZPA #7:
    Sage Lakes Chapel
    3370 N 5th W, IF

  • Finish
    Idaho Falls North Stake Center (next to IF Temple)
    955 Memorial Drive, IF

Aid Stations

Aid stations will be located at each exchange zone. Water and Gatorade will be provided.

Support Vehicles

Each team is responsible for providing transportation for its own runners along the relay route to Idaho Falls. Other than when team members are running their legs of the relay, each team is responsible for their safe transportation. Support vehicles may not park or stop along the left (runners') side of the road anywhere along the course.

Support vehicles can stop to cheer on and provide water, etc. to teammates at any legal spot along the race route as long as they pull off on the right side of the road and pull completely off the lane of traffic. Due to the increased safety risk of pulling off and pulling back on to the road, we ask you not to pull over more than once per relay leg. Drivers, please be very considerate of other traffic and do not pull out in front of another vehicle if it will be forced to slow down as a consequence.

Teams are responsible for providing water to their own runners, if needed, in between exchange zones. For this purpose, each team vehicle should have at least one water bottle with water in it at all times.

Please do not stop or slow down in places that will impede traffic or runners. Do not turn your hazard lights on. Do not follow behind or along side of runners at the runners' pace. We ask that all drivers be alert and drive at or slightly below posted speed limits. Be sure to leave adequate time to arrive at exchange points so that there is no temptation to speed. Please be courteous of runners and other drivers on the road.


Our number one priority in this race is safety. There are many potential hazards in a race of this type including but not limited to: automobile traffic, road conditions, and weather. We ask that all teams please take appropriate precautions to insure a fun and safe event.

We will check each team's runner as he/she passes each checkpoint along the course. We will have orange traffic cones with directional signs stationed at each turn. Caution: Runners on the Road signs will be placed near each exchange zone and at key traffic areas along the course. Restrooms or porta-potties and garbage bags will be stationed at each exchange zone parking area. Water and energy replacement fluids will also be available.

In Case of Emergency

We will have limited first aid staff on hand. They will be equipped to handle only minor sports injuries, such as dehydration. Please be aware of this and plan ahead for how you will handle any serious injury or emergency. In the event of a serious injury, notify the nearest race official or call 496-7431. In case of emergency, call 911 then call 496-7431.

Bad Weather

The race will be run rain or shine. However, under certain severe weather conditions we reserve the right to cancel the event. There will be no refunds given if the race is canceled due to weather. Conditions that may result in the race being cancelled include, but are not limited to, the following: severe electrical storm, heavy snowfall and drifting snow.